Radio Starlight & Starlight GO Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2023-10-11

  1. Introduction

    At Radio Starlight and Starlight GO, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. This Privacy Policy describes the nature of information that might be involved when you use Radio Starlight or Starlight GO and our approach to ensuring its privacy.

  2. Information We Do Not Collect

    Radio Starlight does not directly collect personal or non-personal data from its users. Still, certain functionalities of the app may interact with third-party services, which may collect data.

  3. Third-Party Services
    • OpenAI API: Radio Starlight uses the OpenAI API for generating radio programs. Although we do not directly send any personal data to OpenAI, the API may collect and retain certain data based on the content it processes. For detailed information, we encourage users to review OpenAI's privacy policy.
    • External API Integration: Radio Starlight provides the ability for users to integrate external APIs to enrich their listening experience. If users opt to pass location data or any other personal information to these external APIs, it's possible that these third-party providers could collect and retain that data. We strongly recommend users to familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of any third-party API providers they decide to integrate.
  4. Data Security

    While Radio Starlight does not collect or retain user data directly, we are committed to ensuring the safety of any data that might be processed as a part of the app's functionality. However, users should be aware that no transmission method over the internet or electronic storage approach can guarantee 100% security. We continuously work towards safeguarding data, but its absolute security cannot be assured.

  5. User Rights

    Given that Radio Starlight doesn't collect or store user data directly, we don't provide options for data access, alteration, or deletion. However, if users have concerns regarding their data, they should refer to the privacy policies of third-party services they utilize in conjunction with Radio Starlight.

  6. iCloud Drive

    Starlight GO accesses radio programs and related data saved to iCloud Drive by Radio Starlight. The data handling and privacy on iCloud Drive are governed by Apple's privacy policies, and we recommend users to review them.

  7. Updates to This Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy might undergo updates periodically. In such cases, we will notify our users by updating the Privacy Policy on our official website. Users are encouraged to check this Privacy Policy at regular intervals for any modifications.

  8. Consent

    By downloading and using our app, users express their consent to this Privacy Policy and its stipulations.

  9. Reach Out to Us

    Should you have any inquiries or concerns related to this Privacy Policy, please connect with us at [email protected].