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Why Radio Starlight?

Radio Starlight is the reinvention of radio. Your personalized voice talks about your songs and the latest news. Get summarized news updates read to you and have them seamlessly woven into your music experience. It's like having a personal DJ and newsreader in one.

In an age where jobs are being taken by AI, increasing our own productivity is an important measure. We hope this app will maximize your time productivity with harness the power of multitasking. Step into the future of information and entertainment with us.

Powered by OpenAI

Experience dynamic radio content with OpenAI's technology. Fresh, relevant, and tailored just for you. (This app requires your own API key)

Universal News Source

Did you know? You can generate an English program even from non-English news sources. Stay globally informed in your language!

Speak Any Language

Set your program's language preference, and we'll craft a broadcast in that language. From Spanish to Mandarin, we've got you covered!

DALL-E 2 Imagery

Create stunning program cover images and unique avatars for your radio personalities using the power of DALL-E 2. Stand out with style!

Visual Radio

While you listen, view the script text and accompanying news images right in the player. Engage both your ears and eyes!

Craft Your Personality

Want a radio host that's uniquely you? Design your own radio personality and let it echo your style and preferences.

Listen On-the-Go

No need to wait! Play your program even while it's generating. Seamless radio experiences, anytime.

Original BGMs

Set the mood with your own background music. Whether it's jazzy or pop, create a BGM that resonates with your vibe.

Cost Transparency

While Radio Starlight is free to use, be aware that the OpenAI API consumption is billed according to its usage.

Content Integration

Easily pull content from JSON API and Web pages directly into your radio programs. Expand your horizons and enrich your listening experience with real-time information and updates!

Seamless Listening on the Go

With Starlight GO, access your crafted radio programs from macOS anytime, anywhere. Store on iCloud, play with ease, or explore shared creations from the community.

Requirements for Radio Starlight

  • Compatible with macOS 14.0 or later
  • Your own active OpenAI API key is essential
  • Best experienced with Apple Music integration
  • Enhanced with Location service
  • Primarily tailored for English program

Requirements for Starlight GO

  • Compatible with iOS 17.0 or later
  • iCloud for seamless program retrieval from macOS
  • Enjoy creations by others, no iCloud needed
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Radio Starlight

Version 3.0.3

Released on 2024-01-02 (Release Note)

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Starlight GO

Version 3.0.0

Released on 2023-10-17 (Release Note)

Screenshots (Radio Starlight)

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